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Below you will find some simulations that are useful for demonstrating and experimenting with physics phenonema. Some were developed by me (mem2), some are created by my former Professor Andrew Duffy from BU, and other are from various sites that I have come across over the years (such as, Andrew Duffy at BU and NTNU Virtual Lab). Click on an image and Enjoy.
And I would like to thank Andrew Duffy and Nick Gross from BU ITOP for introducing me to EJS.
NOTE 1: You must have JAVA RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT installed to run these simulations.

NOTE 2: If you are having trouble using these on Internet Explorer (IE) you should first download and use Firefox or Google Chrome. If you really have to stay with IE and are having problems, it is because IE likes to rename Java files to ZIP files when saving/opening them. To fix this, save the file by Right-click Save As ... IMPORTANT ... and add ".jar" to the end of the file name when saving. This should force IE NOT to rename the file to .zip. You should then be able to open it by double clicking on the file on your computer, assuming you have Java installed.

NOTE 3: Since Apple thinks they are better than everyone else, they disallow the use of Java on iPads ... which unfortunately means Apple will not allow you to run sims like these and Phet on iPads. Forshame Apple, forshame!
Kinematics and Projectile Motion
2 Object Race (mem2)
2 Object Race

BLACK background [with VELOCOMETER]
WHITE background [with VELOCIMETER]

duel motion
Just Velocometer and Graphs
1D Relative Motion (mem2)
Relative Motion
Boat Across River (mem2)
Boat Across River
Relative Motion on Elevator (compadre)
Relative Motion on Elevator
FreeFall with Air Resistance (mem2)
Freefall with Air Resistance
Freefall vs. FreeFall (mem2)
Freefall vs. Freefall
Graphs and Tracks (compadre)
Graphs and Tracks
Match The Graphs (Duffy)
Match The Graphs
Projectile Launcher (mem2)
Projectile Launcher
White Background
Smaller Range Version (for AP Lab)
Freefall vs. Horizontal Projectile (mem2)
Freefall vs Proj
With Option to Turn off freefall and vectors
Newton's Mountain Simulation (compadre)
Newton's Mountain
Air Package Drop (compadre)
Air Drop
Shooting Over Castle Wall (mem2)
Shot over Castle Wall
Force, Mass, Acceleration Simulation (mem2)
Leaning Ladder (mem2 modification)
Leaning Ladder
Slipping and Rolling Wheel (compadre)
Slipping and Rolling Wheel
Hanging Sign
Mass Hanging Over Table Edge (mem2)
Mass over Edge
Sliding Down an Incline (mem2 modification)
Sliding Down an Incline
Penguin in Elevator (mem2)
Pendulum Forces
Pendulum Force Simulation
Energy and Momentum and Conservation
1 D Collision (mem2)
1 D collision
without graph and with bounce/stick option
SHM of Horizontal Spring with Graphs (mem2)
SHM Spring Mass
Bow and Arrow shot Horizontally
Bow and Arrow
Pendulum Comparison "small angle approx vs real" (mem2)
Pendulum Comparison
Bouncing Ball (mem2)
Bouncing Ball
Atwood Machine (mem2)
Atwood machine
Vertical Spring Launch
Vertical Spring launch
version with Robert
Fluids (Buoyancy, Pressure, Bernoulli)
Sinking or Floating a Block (mem2)
sinking or floating
Virtual Lab Version (no vectors)
Lowering a Block into a Fluid (mem2)
lowering a block in liquid
Virtual Lab Version (no vectors)
Electricity and Magnetism
Coulomb's Law Simulation/Virtual Lab (mem2)  
Coulombs Law Simulation  
Random Coin Flipping (compadre)
Coin Flipping
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