Students on Mr. Maloney

Don't believe all the good things you hear about teachers? Well here are what some of Mr. Maloney's students have to say about him ... straight from their mouths (or pens), not his. Click on the student below to see what they have to say about Mr. Maloney. I try to post all comments good or bad, at least all that are in good taste.

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Ashley: MALONEY IS THE MAN! he does a good job teaching and his classes are a lot of fun. If you get him, celebrate, cause it could be a lot worse. physics was my favorite class this year (and thats not just because i had lunch that period 3 out of 7 days). Pretty laid-back and leniant, but dont get the wrong idea on that, he knows what an offense card is. I'll see you next year just because i like to bug ya!
luke skywalker rocks my socks!

Anonymous (not really) : it is a good thing that michael maloney is a physics techer, he has accepted me as a resident artist to his web page and teaches fairly well, when hes not fun sucking(haha) no, hes a great teacher, feel lucky if you get him for a teacher!!!!!!!!!! alot of us seniors have come to realize that, including my self. Great teaching methods, this year went by so fast because of this class.

Ali: Thank you Maloney for writing such a outstanding recommendation for me. All of the good things you wrote about me helped me get into most of the colleges I applied to. I really appreciate all of the work you put into the letter and all of the patience you had with me. I’m sorry this thank you is so late, but college has been such a problem for me and has affected everything else I have to do. Thank you for making my college application process easier and being patient in the mean time.

Monica: Mr. Maloney is a great physics teacher who goes out of his way to create fun projects to enhance the learning experience for his students. I like the power point presentations and feel I have learned a great deal about physics in this school year.

Jack: Yo, Mr. Maloney, you are one of the best teachers. You made a fun atmosphere in the class which made learning fun ( even though it seemed like we didn't learn, I know I sure did ) and you were leniant on many aspects of our behavior. So I wish you luck with your future classes and I hope they are much better than your 7th period Physics class. GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tashi: any one reading this just want to let u guys know maloney like one of the best teachers. He knows a lot and you can learn a lot from him. Plus he writes good recs so make sure u get one from him. Had a lot of fun in ur class and learnt some things too. Physics was like my best class last year. Seriously, he knows a lot about physics and any 1 in his class should take the oppurtunity to learn as much from him as possible, but not how to dress. Nways thanks fo everything. ANd yea ..sorry about the video. u can blame it on afjal.

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